Best Practice: Eliminate Waste Water Disposal from CNC Plasma Cutting Systems with GreenCut Plasma

LubeCorp and its customer, a pioneering structural fabricator from Oregon, developed a best practice to eliminate waste water disposal from CNC plasma cutting systems. The customer has not disposed of the waste water from its 15,000 gallon water table for the past 8 years by using LubeCorp`s GreenCut Plasma Arc Water-Table Fluid in conjunction with appropriate circulation and filtration system.


The case study can be found on the following link:

Eliminate Waste Water Disposal from CNC Plasma Cutting Systems with GreenCut Plasma

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LubeCorp's GreenCut Super-Compliant with SCAQMD

LubeCorp is pleased to announce that its high performance, SAFE and biodegradable metalworking fluid - GreenCut Cutting/Misting Fluid, and treatment for CNC plasma arc water tables - GreenCut Plasma are super-compliant with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

The SCAQMD is the air pollution control agency for all of Orange County and the urban portions of Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties, the second most populated urban area in the United States. SCAQMD`s role is to protect public health from air pollution and often finds itself at the forefront of the nation’s emission reduction efforts.

Under the Rule 1144 developed to regulate metalworking fluids and direct-contact lubricants, those with the VOC (volatile organic compounds) content lower than 50 grams/Liter are granted the super-compliant status freeing the users from recordkeeping requirements.

For more information about SCAQMD please contact our Product Stewardship Team at [email protected].


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GreenCut Significantly Outperforms Competing Fluids in Bandsaws

GreenCut Cutting Fluid was tested in bandsaws by a leading provider of steel in Canada and the United States. Greencut showed significantly higher performance than competing fluids.

COMPANY: Varsteel Ltd.hyd_mech_ptwo




140% Increase in Saw Blade Life

● Annual Savings Estimate $50,000

● Reduced downtime by 30%

● Increased Customer Satisfaction

● SAFE for workers

● Easy maintenance

Varsteel Ltd. is a leading provider of steel, rebar, pipe, piling and structural steel in Canada and the United States. Varsteel tested 4 different lubricants in its band saws in order to increase life of blades used for cutting of steel. It was found that GreenCut Cutting Fluid from LubeCorp Manufacturing significantly increases life of the blades from 10-15 eight-hour shifts experienced by the other three lubricants to 28-32 eight-hour shifts. The company reduced maintenance time by 30% with estimated total annual savings of $50,000.

By utilizing GreenCut, Varsteel increased customer satisfaction. Customers no longer had to clean the steel products from Varsteel and could process them (paint, powder-coat) directly after purchase.

The saw operators also like GreenCut because it is safe for their health, prevents breathing and skin problems, doesn`t cause slippery surfaces and is simple to maintain by checking the coolant with a pH strip at the beginning of each shift.

You can download the case study here: GreenCut Bandsaw Case Study

We would like to thank Varsteel Ltd. for sharing the results of the internal productivity study with us and kind support.

LMI Team