Biotherm Eliminator

Within our comprehensive ALL-SAFE™️ line, we proudly present water treatment products that epitomize effectiveness and environmental responsibility. Designed with complete biodegradability, these solutions can be safely spilled into the water, applied onto the ground, and even introduced into sewer systems without causing harm. Rest assured; all our water treatment products prioritize the safety of humans, animals, fish, and the overall aquatic ecosystem.

Our innovative BioTherm Eliminator® product is designed to tackle and eradicate organic deposits that hinder the performance and efficiency of your equipment - the ultimate solution for eliminating stubborn organic build-up. With our advanced formula, BioTherm Eliminator® offers a powerful and eco-friendly solution, effectively removing biofilms, sludge, and other contaminants.

Product Benefits

Human & Animal Safe
Eliminates Harmful Byproducts
Eliminates phosphorus, sulphates, nitrates, and struvite (kidney stones) in sewage by dispersion of the Calcium, Magnesium, and Uric Acid deposits.
Deodorizes waste systems efficiently in the presence of air through All-SAFE™ Chemistry stench removal while leaving a cherry fragrance.
All Temperatures
All-SAFE™ enzymatic action at extreme temperatures (-20°C > +80°C).

Value & Safety That Impacts The Bottom Line

BioTherm Eliminator® was used by Trans-Canada Passenger Railway to clean up sewage tanks to their complete satisfaction.
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Sewage, Manure, Cellulose Wastes, Lake/Pond Algae
Waste Water Treatment Systems
Farm Wet Manure Systems
Septic Tank Systems


  • Digests organic wastes fast, safely and economically at a 1000:1 ratio
  • Digests all cellulose in holding tanks, pits, lines and traps
  • Dissolves Struvite deposits in lines, tanks and septic fields
  • Cleans and Lubricates lines, sensors, gauges, traps, valves and tanks
  • Treatment ratio: 1:1000 (90 ml/90 litres or 3 oz./20 gal.)
  • All-SAFE enzymatic action at extreme temperatures (-20°C > +80°C)


  • Certified for sewers
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Eco-toxicity classification: *Practically Non-Toxic*(registered: US Fish and Wildlife, 1984)

NOTE: BioTherm Eliminator® and treated liquids like sewage, liquid manures, wastes, etc. must always be agitated in some way, by pumping or shaking, bubbling, etc., to assure effective interaction of the biodegradation process.

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MFG. Part NO. 


8 x 1-litre bottles (34 oz)
20-litre pail (5.28 gal)
205-litre drum (54 gal)
1,000-litre tote (264 gal)

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