Best Practice: Eliminate Waste Water Disposal from CNC Plasma Cutting Systems with GreenCut Plasma

LubeCorp and its customer, a pioneering structural fabricator from Oregon, developed a best practice to eliminate waste water disposal from CNC plasma cutting systems. The customer has not disposed of the waste water from its 15,000 gallon water table for the past 8 years by using LubeCorp`s GreenCut Plasma Arc Water-Table Fluid in conjunction with […]

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LubeCorp's GreenCut Super-Compliant with SCAQMD

LubeCorp is pleased to announce that its high performance, SAFE and biodegradable metalworking fluid - GreenCut Cutting/Misting Fluid, and treatment for CNC plasma arc water tables - GreenCut Plasma are super-compliant with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). The SCAQMD is the air pollution control agency for all of Orange County and the […]

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GreenCut Significantly Outperforms Competing Fluids in Bandsaws

GreenCut Cutting Fluid was tested in bandsaws by a leading provider of steel in Canada and the United States. Greencut showed significantly higher performance than competing fluids. COMPANY: Varsteel Ltd. COUNTRY: Canada APPLICATION: Band Saws KEY EDGE: ● 140% Increase in Saw Blade Life ● Annual Savings Estimate $50,000 ● Reduced downtime by 30% ● […]

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