Our Team

Benjamin Vroon

Founder, CEO and Chief Chemical Engineer
Ben Vroon is a dynamic professional with a passion for innovation and a drive for excellence in lubrication and fluid management solutions. With a strong background in engineering and a deep understanding of the industry, Ben has established himself as a trusted expert in optimizing machinery performance and enhancing operational efficiency.

Throughout his career, Ben has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge lubricants, fuel conditioners, and water treatment solutions that have transformed how companies operate across various sectors. His expertise lies in identifying and addressing the unique challenges businesses face, offering tailored solutions that improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize overall productivity. Ben's commitment to sustainability is evident in his focus on developing eco-friendly products that minimize environmental impact. He is dedicated to driving positive change by promoting cleaner fuels, reducing emissions, and implementing responsible fluid management practices.

As a thought leader, Ben actively shares his knowledge and insights through speaking engagements, industry publications, and professional networks. He thrives on collaboration, leveraging his strong interpersonal skills to build meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ben Vroon continues to lead the way in delivering innovative solutions that transform businesses and contribute to a more sustainable future. Connect with Ben on LinkedIn to stay updated on the latest advancements and industry trends in lubrication and fluid management.

Jason Komar

Throughout his career, Jason has been pivotal in developing cutting-edge fuel conditioners and monitoring solutions that have delivered remarkable results for businesses across various sectors. His expertise lies in analyzing complex fuel-related challenges, leveraging data insights, and providing tailored strategies to improve fuel quality, reduce emissions, and maximize overall performance.

Committed to sustainability, Jason actively collaborates with clients, industry experts, and stakeholders to drive meaningful change in fuel consumption and environmental impact. His collaborative approach fosters knowledge-sharing and enables him to develop innovative solutions that align with industry best practices and emerging trends.

Known for his exceptional analytical skills and problem-solving mindset, Jason excels at building strong relationships with clients, understanding their unique needs, and delivering customized solutions that yield tangible results. His ability to simplify complex concepts and communicate effectively has made him a trusted advisor and a respected figure in the industry.